Hello, we are Seth and Kimber King

American Highland Cattle Association Members

Midwest Highland Cattle Association Members

Seth and I come from a long line of farmers who have raised livestock and grown row crops for over a century. We knew when we met that we wanted to continue this family tradition. In 2021, we were given the opportunity to relocate our farm to Leonore. This allowed us to expand our farm and be closer to my family's farm. I am now the 7th generation to live and farm in the area. I like to think that I'm the brains of the operation, and Seth is the muscle. You can often find him putting in fence to expand our pasture, working on one of our many Farmall tractors, making sure water isn't frozen, and the cattle always have plenty to eat. I love to be outside spending time sitting with our cattle by brushing them or taking pictures, but I also spend time managing social media accounts and researching best practices for cattle health and management.

Together though, we are working to provide quality care for our cattle and quality cattle for others.