Point Pleasant Cattle Company

Leonore, Illinois

Point Pleasant Cattle Company was originally founded in 2018 in Gifford, Illinois. A grove of trees a mile east of our original homestead, where a post office once stood, is all that is left of what used to be called Point Pleasant. Legend says the area was named after the Battle of Point Pleasant in West Virginia. For the earliest landowners there, the battle would have been acknowledged as the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Some settlers were veterans or sons of veterans of the battle. Although we have moved since our cattle company was founded, it is our hope to stay connected to where we started building our dream and fold.

Now located outside of Leonore, Illinois, Point Pleasant Cattle Company continues to remain in the American Heartland and call central Illinois home. Our goal is to raise registered and unregistered highland cattle. We have chosen to do this to provide a wider variety for our customers. We understand that people purchase highlands for a variety of reasons and want to be able to accommodate as many of these as possible.

Have a look around - and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


What our buyers are saying

What our buyers are saying

Kelley's Cattle Co.

"I recently bought a bull calf from Point Pleasant Cattle Co. Kimber was informative & kept me updated with pictures. She has raised a beautiful boy & halter trained him before we came & got him. He’s a blessing to our farm!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow farm visits?

Short Answer.. We do!

Long Answer.. We both work regular 9-5 jobs. Because of this, our time is limited to have visits. Weekends work best. Generally, visitors stay for 1-2 hours. Visitors are able to feed the cattle, take pictures, and brush them. Click on the "Get in Touch" button below to set something up with us :)