Sale Policies


Not all calves will be able to be AHCA registered. Please be aware of the dam and sire registration status.

We do not register with HHCA or recommend registering highland cattle through HHCA.

None of our calves are considered miniature, under 42 inches tall, or chondrodysplasia positive.

We do not sell bottle calves but may advertise a calf for sale before weaning. Calves are not sold until after they are weaned from either their mother or a bottle.


Pricing varies based on the value of each individual calf.

Factors that influence pricing are genetics/pedigree, temperament, size, sex, and color.

A deposit of half the purchase price is not required unless the buyer is purchasing a calf that has not yet been weaned or needs the animal held for more than two weeks.

Calf preparation:

Calves will be weaned at 6-8 months and up to date on vaccinations recommended by our veterinarian.

Based on the location of the buyer, health and transportation paperwork will be provided.

Calves will have been treated for parasites. Treatment may vary depending on the time of year.

AHCA registration process will have started provided the calf can be registered.

Calves will be tattooed according to their AHCA registration.

We will cover the fee to transfer registration papers up to a year after the purchase date.

Calves will be familiar with a halter and being led.