Point Pleasant Cattle Company is located outside of Leonore, Illinois.

Founded in 2018, our goal is to raise quality registered and unregistered highland cattle for both beef and breeding purposes.

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Do you allow farm visits?


Short Answer.. We do!
Long Answer.. We both work regular 9-5 jobs. Because of this, our visiting times are limited. Weekends work best. Generally, visitors stay for 1-2 hours.
Visits are intended to be educational. Visitors can learn about the breed and how our farm operates. We are not a petting zoo.
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What kind of highlands do you sell?


Point Pleasant only produces and provides full-size highland cattle. Some cattle may be smaller framed but are not considered mid-sized or mini.
If cattle are able to be registered, they will only be registered to AHCA as we do not recognize HHCA as a legitimate registry.


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