CRR Sunset Jasmine

Date of Birth: 7/11/16
AHCA Registration #: 55649
Color: Red
Sire: Colored Rain Casper #52336
Dam: LEA Igraine #51577


J Bar T's Ruby Raine

Date of Birth: 1/15/17
AHCA Registration #56530
Color: Black
Sire: HSC Steel Reserve #50507
Dam: Ruby 09 of Dundonald #47908

2021 - Buford

Bred for Summer 2022 Calf


Talulah (Mama)

Date of Birth: 2016

Although we have little information on Talulah's background, she has been a priceless cow. She has a calm temperament and adopted a calf summer 2021 on top of providing for her own.

2020 - Willard
2021 - Sally (Adopted Fancy)

Bred for Summer 2022 calf