Registered Dams

CRR Sunset Jasmine

AHCA Registration #55649

Date of Birth: 7/11/2016
Sire: Colored Rain Casper #52336
Dam: LEA Igraine #51577
Color: Red

Jasmine is a deep-bodied girl we bought as an open cow in 2020. She has a strong pedigree including bulls like Sunset Rebel Yell and DH Montgomery. She is the Boss Cow on the farm but has a cool, calm demeanor. Jasmine was shown at the 2020 NWSS with her bull calf placing second in their class and third overall. We were able to see her bull calf shown at the 2022 NWSS where he was the champion purebred market steer.

J Bar T's Ruby Raine


Date of Birth: 1/15/17
Sire: HSC Steel Reserve #50507
Dam: Ruby 09 of Dundonald #47908
Color: Black

Raine is a beautiful, easy-to-handle cow that we purchased in 2020 as an open heifer. Her pedigree is packed with genetics from farms like Dundonald, Trafalgar, EZ Acres, and many more. She has good conformation and excellent maternal instincts. Raine has always calved completely unassisted. She raised a strong, healthy bull calf last year that we have kept as a steer and had a heifer calf July 2022.

BCH Solas dorcha


DATE OF BIRTH: 11/5/2020
SIRE: Black Watch Gideon # 59367

Solas means light, and Dorcha means dark in Scottish Gaelic. She was purchased Fall 2022 to help diversify our breeding program's genetics with the help of farms like Black Watch, Star Lake, and Balmoral Castle. Dorcha will be AI'ed late Fall 2022 with the rest of our girls. Rioghail of Balmoral, Dorcha's grand sire, is a pure Scottish bull from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's herd at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. He is a proven sire with outstanding progeny worldwide which have excelled in many successful breeding programs. STR Iluminada, Dorcha's dam, had a great show career and was named 2015 AHCA Roll of Excellence Heifer of the Year.

Unregistered Dams



Date of Birth: 2016
Color: Dun

Talulah was purchased in 2019 as our first cow. She has been priceless. Talulah is the most relaxed cow and the Unofficial Boss Cow of the fold. Talulah is small-framed and not one to challenge the others for rank, but if she moves, everyone else moves. I like to think she's confident enough that she doesn't feel the need to prove herself to others. She has raised two great calves for us with unassisted births. She also adopted a calf born a week after her calf last summer. Although she is unregistered, she shows good confirmation with good feet and a tight udder. Talulah is bred for a summer 2022 calf.